What does the abbreviations on the ranks page mean?
If you move the cursor, you will see a tooltip explaining the abbreviation. This requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. However, if the tooltips are not there:

Does COSTA support Psycho Stats 1.8/1.9.1?
Psycho Stats 1.9.1 is supported starting from COSTA release 0.4.

Psycho Stats 1.8 is supported starting from COSTA release 0.2.

Does COSTA support DOD?
It is COSTA, not DODTA :-) So the answer is no. As I never play DOD, I have no feeling about sensible teamplay statistics. As I want to focus on a good tool for Counterstrike, I won't write support for DOD. If somebody else wants to do so, I am willing to assist.

Does COSTA run on Linux?
In principle yes, but unfortunately you have to install an extra rpm package (expat) and three perl modules (XML::Parser, XML::Simple, and XML::Dumper). I probably have to add an installation tool for this :-P Refer to the HOWTO page for further information.

Does COSTA run on my favorite web browser?
I'm checking the website in recent versions of Konqueror, Galeon, and Explorer and hope it displays well on other browsers as well. Drop me an e-mail if it doesn't so I can (try to) fix it.

Does COSTA support PHP themes of Psycho Stats?
Until COSTA 0.3, only HTML player files are supported. Starting from COSTA 0.4, PHP themes will be supported.

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