This page lists requirements for using Counter-Strike Teamplay Awards, explains how to install and configure, and how to use it.


There are a couple of requirements that hold for all platforms:

For MS Windows, COSTA has been tested with ActivePerl, Version 5.6.1, Build 631 on Windows XP. You still have to install the Perl modules named above, as Active Perl uses an earlier Version of XML::Simple, which does not understand "KeyAttr" options.

On GNU/Linux, I tried it on the S.u.S.E. 8.0 distribution and had to install some additional Perl modules:

Install each module (same order as above) as described in the module's README file:
perl -w Makefile.PL
make install
Without these modules, you get an error message like this: Can't locate XML/ in @INC

Installation & Configuration

  1. Download Psycho Stats 1.9.1.
  2. Install Psycho Stats without COSTA.
  3. Download the latest COSTA release.
  4. Extract the package in the existing Psycho Stats directory.
  5. Edit your stats.cfg and set HTMLtheme to "costa19php"
  6. Edit your stats.cfg and add UseXMLDatbase = 1, if you want incremental updates of the stats rather parsing all logs whenever you run
  7. Execute perl
  8. Execute perl -X -v and see wonderful things happen! (If you don't use -X you get warnings, but there is no need to worry about.

Maintained by Tobias Rötschke
$Date: 2003/06/07 11:02:05 $