Counter-Strike is a popular internet game, which is different from other first person shooters, as teamplay is often the key to success. So playing together and achieving mission goals should be rewarded appropriately.

The COSTA project tries to do so by calculating military ranks and assigning medals for achieving mission goals. Starters will not benefit from camping anymore and more experienced players have to organize their team so that the mission goals can be achieved. As the players makes their way through our ranking system, their job becomes more and more difficult.

Our intention is to add a new dimension to existing ranking systems for individual skills. The current implementation is realized as add-on for Psycho Stats ranking software written by Jason Morriss, who has done a great job doing so. Please note that Jason is not responsible for this extension, so don't bother him with questions. Send any feedback or questions regarding teamplay awards to me instead.

Maintained by Tobias Rötschke
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