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COSTA 0.4c released
June 29th, 2003
This release fixes a bug which messed up the index page (wonid or ip instead of player name) when using UseXMLDatabase=1. Besides, the position column is ordered by COSTA ranks first, skill second instead of skill only. Searching for player names is working now.

COSTA 0.4b released
June 14th, 2003
Update to COSTA 0.4c, if you have this release.

COSTA 0.4a released
June 1st, 2003
This release fixes a bug: The new prerequisite All Weapon Proficiency was not considered when calculating the rank. Besides, the default prerequisites for bombing targets and saving hostages are higher now, reflecting that good players save the majority of touched hostages and most of their bombings are successful.

COSTA 0.4 released
May 30th, 2003
1Release 0.4 is out! All features announced above are implemented. Notice that COSTA has been completely reimplemented. Throw away all existing COSTA files on your system.

COSTA 0.4 announced
May 25th, 2003
Release 0.4 is about to be released. COSTA has been integrated in the script of psychostats, so you only have to run to calculate both Psychostats and COSTA data. The results are presented using a theme derived from the standard PHP theme. The new COSTA release will work with Psychostats 1.9.1. These are the new features:

Besides, I have reduced the Attempt Defuse and Defused Bomb requirement. Trying to defuse 50% of bombs planted proved to be too difficult. Finally, I have increased the Hostage Killed penalty somewhat. You can still adjust these things to your own needs, of course.

Modified COSTA 0.3 released by Topper
Dec 20th, 2002
Topper has released a modified COSTA 0.3 in the Psycho Stats contribution forum, which works with Psycho Stats 1.9.

Turoq is offline for two weeks
May 30th, 2002
As I move from the Netherlands to Germany on June 1st, I will be without internet connection for (hopefully no longer than) two weeks. Please be patient if I cannot answer your e-mails immediately.

COSTA 0.3 released
May 30th, 2002
Thanks to detailed feedback from huskyfan, you get this new release. The configuration file (config.xml) may contain copy entries now to allow files like clans.html, weaponlist.html to be copied to $outputpath. And finally, some minor bug fixes.

COSTA 0.2 released
May 29th, 2002
As result of your feedback, these improvements have been implemented:

COSTA 0.1 released
May 13th, 2002
Counter-Strike Teamplay Awards provides statistics software for the first person shooter Counter-Strike, which stimulates players to teamplay and achieve mission goals rather than just improving their kill-to-death ratio. The first release is out.

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